Winter is coming

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Winter is coming

Firewood for Winter

The leaves are starting to fall, and winter is just around the corner! Now is the
perfect time to start stocking up on your fire essentials ahead of the colder weather
coming so you can stay warm and cosy beside your fire.

At Surefire Wood, winter is never too far away, and we’re always preparing and
storing firewood ahead of the cold weather. All our firewood is sourced locally from
sustainable, FSC® certified forests. We do not import timber from outside the UK or Ireland.

We have full control of the cutting and drying process from start to finish as we
manage the production lines, use modern sawing and splitting machinery and the
most up-to-date kiln drying units thus ensuring our customers get great value

We sell a selection of firewood products online, including Logs, Coal, Kindling and
Firestarters, perfect for stoves, open fires and fire pits.

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