Small Package Deliveries

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Small Package Deliveries

Small Package Firewood Deliveries

Surefire Wood is introducing new products to make delivery to your door that much easier. Perfect if you want to try out our premium firewood products before ordering a larger volume. 

Take a look at our Small Package products page for the details of all the qualifying products.


Not just Firewood

We are supplying small package bundles of all our top-selling products:

  • Kiln Dried Firewood
  • Kiln Dried Hardwood
  • Charcoal
  • Wood Pellets
  • Kiln Dried Kindling
  • Heat Logs 


These easy-to-deliver packages are ideal if you want to try out one of our alternative products such as our Eco-friendly bio-heat logs, ideal for wood-burning stoves, log boilers and open fires.

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