Premium Kiln Dried Firewood Bulk Bags and Pallets, Delivered to Your Door

Not sure whether to choose firewood or hardwood? 

Our premium firewood is predominately Larch and Spruce. It's low moisture content (less than 20%) helps produce high heat quickly for those chilly evenings.  It has a similar burning time to less dense hardwoods such as Birch or Alder.  

Our premium hardwood is a mix of predominately Ash, Oak and Beech. It is denser than Birch and Softwood and will burn for longer and at a higher temperature.

All our logs are kiln dried below 20% moisture content ensuring hotter flame, low ash and avoiding blocked up flues. The logs are cut to approx 8–10 inches (excluding our chunky logs), are suitable for most stoves and contain 5% brash.