Benefits of Kindling

Benefits of Kindling

Kindling Wood

Kindling wood is an essential part of starting a fire, whether you're in your backyard, camping in the woods, or using a fireplace in your home. Without kindling, it can be difficult to start a fire, and you may find yourself frustrated and cold. In this blog post, we'll explore what kindling wood is, how to prepare it, and the best types of wood to use.

What is kindling wood?

Kindling wood is small pieces of dry, easily combustible material that is used to start a fire. It's typically made up of small sticks, kiln dried below 10%.  Kindling wood needs to be very dry and easy to ignite, as it's used to get the fire going and keep it burning until larger pieces of wood can be added.

Best types of wood for kindling?

The best types of wood for kindling are those that are dry and easy to ignite. Softwoods such as pine, spruce, and cedar are great choices, as they are resinous and burn quickly. Hardwoods like oak, beech and ash can also be used, but they may take longer to ignite.

It's important to note that treated wood, such as lumber or pallets, should never be used as kindling. These types of wood contain chemicals that can release harmful fumes when burned, which can be dangerous to inhale.

In conclusion, kindling wood is a crucial part of starting a fire, and it's important to have it prepared and ready to go before you start building your fire.  Just remember to always use very dry, untreated wood to ensure a safe and enjoyable fire.

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